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Creative that slaps

/slaps/ · to be abruptly struck in one's face by the flat side of a ballistic object


Video Production

Slapbox Media partners with you to create professional video content that transforms viewers into customers by targeting the right markets with the right ad concept. We collaborate with you to nail down your ad concept, outline and write your first rough script, develop your sales funnel, and produce your video...maybe, if we like you.

Design & Branding

Your brand is not what you say it is, your brand is what they say it is. Every moment is a brand moment and if you aren't careful, your brand will be as ugly as the Pontiac Aztec. You might as well have a say in it. We'll help you work through it all, let's have a chat, it's free.

Web Dev & Design

If you can grip a mouse in your sweaty little palm, you'll be able to make a website...anyone can buy a template and add some copy to it. Here are some links, Squarespace, Wix, and Wordpress — you're welcome.

Be that as it may, you are not everyone. You are only you and you don't want to look like the rest of your competitors. Let's talk and we'll be your secret sauce.

Product Design

So, you have an idea for an app and you are now serious about making it a reality. We'll teach you the most affordable way to learn if your idea is worth pursuing by creating a minimum viable experience for you.

This can be a video, some app screen mockups, or an app prototype that you can show to friends, family, and users. Let's find out if you're sitting on the next TikTok.


We couldn’t have had a better experience hiring Slapbox. They were able to take our vision, make it better, and bring it to reality. Not only were they easy to work with but they create a fun and positive atmosphere on set, something that comes in handy when shooting long hours day after day. Slapbox media was professional and brought the needed creative edge to our brand.


I never thought our brand could be funny. We were immediately impressed by their creative vision and marketing strategy.

We needed a commercial to promote a yearly event and didn't want it to be the same old corporate video, so we gave Slapbox a shot. They are now our go-to for all our media marketing.


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